Newsletters - Fair Oaks Chamber of Commerce

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06/22/21We are BACK in FAIR OAKS!
06/03/21Things are happening in Fair Oaks
05/12/21This week in Fair Oaks 5/12
04/29/21This week in Fair Oaks 4/29
03/23/21The Best Marketing Opportunity for you is here!
03/12/21This week in Fair Oaks 3/12
02/24/21This week in Fair Oaks 2/24
02/22/21 This week in Fair Oaks
02/15/21This week in Fair Oaks
02/03/21This week in Fair Oaks
01/29/21This week in Fair Oaks
01/19/21This week in Fair Oaks
12/22/20Last Day!
12/13/20Chamber News!
12/09/20NEW Stay at Home Orders!
12/07/20Only 17 days left of Best of Fair Oaks
11/14/20It's time to Vote for your Favorite Places in Fair Oaks
11/10/20Sacramento County moves back to PURPLE Tier!
09/07/20Join us to see WHO the next FOCC Honorary Mayor will be
09/02/20Blueprint for a Safer Economy
08/24/20It's the FINAL week to support our Honorary Mayor candidates
08/24/20Last HOT August Thursday Meal Pickup in Fair Oaks
08/18/20If you missed the BIG announcement Read it now
08/18/20It's IMPORTANT to Support our Members!
08/17/20This Thursday's HOT August in Fair Oaks Special
08/03/20August is HOT in Fair Oaks
08/03/20Support our Members & Candidates running for Honorary Mayor
07/14/20Governor's Order requires another Amended Health Order
07/01/20Support our Candidates running for Honorary Mayor
06/29/20Sacramento County Health Order Amended
06/06/20Support Fair Oaks
05/28/20Face Cover Distribution
05/15/20Happening this week in Fair Oaks
05/11/20Fair Oaks Updates
05/08/20Update on California's Pandemic Roadmap
05/01/20and the New Candidates are?
03/26/20COVID-19 Update and Information
03/13/20Don't Miss out on Opportunities for your Business
03/12/20Reminder: COVID - 19
02/18/20BIG opportunities for your Business
02/18/20copy of BIG opportunities for your Business
02/12/20BIG opportunities for your Business
02/06/20How to Promote Your Business in Fair Oaks
01/30/20What's happening in Fair Oaks
01/15/20a Message from your NEW 2020 FOCC President
11/29/19Black Friday Sale in Fair Oaks
11/20/19Coming Up in Fair Oaks
10/31/19Coming Up in Fair Oaks
10/25/19Coming Up in Fair Oaks
10/16/19Happening this week in Fair Oaks
10/08/19This week in Fair Oaks
10/01/19Happy October 1st!
09/27/19Fair Oaks Happenings!
09/12/19Fair Oaks has a NEW Honorary Mayor and more...
09/03/19copy of This week in Fair Oaks
09/03/19This week in Fair Oaks
08/13/19This week in Fair Oaks
07/19/19FOCC Newsletter July #3
07/12/19FOCC Newsletter July #2
07/03/19FOCC Newsletter July
06/28/19FOCC Newsletter June 6.28
06/25/19FOCC Newsletter June 6.25
06/17/19copy of FOCC Newsletter June
06/17/19FOCC Newsletter June
05/30/19Taste of Fair Oaks is just a week away
04/29/19Fair Oaks Fiesta
04/16/19Fair Oaks Fiesta
03/06/19FOCC Newsletter March week #1
02/26/19FOCC Newsletter Feb week #4
02/14/19copy of FOCC Newsletter Feb week #3
02/14/19FOCC Newsletter Feb week #2
02/14/19FOCC Newsletter Feb week #3
02/01/19FOCC Newsletter
11/21/18FOCC November Newsletter week #4
11/16/18copy of FOCC November Newsletter week #3
11/16/18FOCC November Newsletter week #3
11/05/18FOCC November Newsletter week #2
11/02/18FOCC November Newsletter week #1
10/31/18FOCC October Newsletter week #5
10/25/18FOCC October Newsletter week #4
10/19/18FOCC October Newsletter week #3
10/12/18FOCC October Newsletter week #2
10/09/18This week in Fair Oaks
10/01/18FOCC October Newsletter week #1
09/21/18FOCC Sept Newsletter week #3
08/24/18FOCC Aug Newsletter week #4
07/18/18FOCC July Newsletter week #3
07/12/18FOCC July Newsletter week #2
07/03/18FOCC July Newsletter week #1
06/11/18FOCC June Newsletter week #2
05/23/18 FOCC May Newsletter week #4
05/14/18FOCC May Newsletter week #3
05/02/18FOCC Wk #1 May Newsletter
04/24/18FOCC Wk #4 April Newsletter
04/20/18Wk #3 April Newsletter
04/13/18Wk #2 April Newsletter
04/06/18Wk #1 April Newsletter
04/05/18Last Chance! Marketing Opportunities for your Business
03/29/18Marketing Opportunities for your Business
03/29/18Wk #4 March Newsletter
03/12/18Did you RSVP?
03/06/18Wk #1 March Newsletter
02/22/18Wk #4 February Newsletter
02/19/18Wk #3 February Newsletter
02/09/18Wk #2 February Newsletter
02/05/18Wk #1 February Newsletter
01/30/18Wk #4 January Newsletter
01/18/18Wk #3 January Newsletter
01/11/18Wk #2 January Newsletter
01/05/18January week #1
12/28/17December week #4
12/21/17 December week #3
12/15/17December week #2
12/07/17December week #1
11/26/17November week #4
11/20/17Small Business Saturday is Coming!
11/16/17 November week #3
11/13/17November week #2
11/01/17November 1st
04/17/17April wk # 3